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Hello, reader!

My name is Andrew. It’s nice to have you present.

It is my hope that you’ll tune in to my periodic offerings: okay writing, this archaic format of information transfer (which I’ve deemed as reading), and the Oxford comma. With this inaugural field of text, I’m attempting to start something new on my site: the ever-dreaded blog. *hisses suddenly erupt from a flaming Hell-hole forming under my desk*

I’m ad-libbing this first post and will likely continue this downward spiral into the distant future; I apologize in advance for whatever erratic, ebb-and-flow style of writing will likely to come out of this…


Recently, I picked up on bullet journaling as a means to better organize my life and personal projects. This practice began out of vague interest in a workshop a friend was leading. During the workshop, Tristin, my friend, spoke to the effectiveness of the journal as a means of accomplishing goals. However, one thing she capitalized on which I’d never considered was how bullet journaling can double as a vessel of introspection — an emotional heatsink of sorts. This “notion of emotion” connected with me in a way I hadn’t seen coming at all and I hit the ground running with it.

I began the next day by writing my stream of consciousness for thirty minutes; a task I envisioned as implausible given my history with writing in general… However, it was a great exercise, freeing my mind and rolling with every intuitive idea in sequence. I ended up writing for twenty-five minutes, creating what looked to be a legitimate essay (It wasn’t, though. A ton of my thoughts were single word concepts or colors — the ramblings of a madman). After a week and some change, I’ve become far more comfortable with recording my thoughts, feelings, and aspirations; In fact, I’m so comfortable that I’ve decided to undertake the arduous task of recording my process and anecdotes for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s to future projects, staying on the wagon, and overhauling my writing style to improve my general flow of ideas! WHOO! You really do get it all with this blog, folks.

We’ll divulge into the sweet, nectary details of a new project I’m working on in the next post.

Stay blessed, y’all.